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Joining the Club Sélect Hôtelier du Québec is free and can be done at any time with one of the hotels of the network. Application forms are available at the reception of each of the participating hotels. The card can then be used during your future stays in either of the hotels.

The Club Sélect Hôtelier du Québec is a grouping of hotels recognized to make as productive as pleasant business trips. They are found in the four corners of the Province of Quebec. In addition to distinctive services for everyone, the Club establishments offer the LOYATLY PROGRAM. The 11e night is free for members. Membership in the program is free and the accumulated nights can be used both by business and pleasure, in any of the hotels in the Club. In addition, the CSHQ is pleased t inform you that you can now avail to a superior room by adding 200 points to each of your reservation in the hotels offering this opportunity.

Club Select Hotelier du Québec ‘s policy over the use of the nights in exchange of points is far more permissive. However, it is conditional to the availability of the selected establishment or occasionally based on major events that take place in the desired city or area.

In these exceptional cases, we will do our best to keep our clients informed via our website with regard to special events. With respect to the availability in a facility, you will get the information when booking directly to the hotel of your choice.

Thank you for your understanding and collaboration and we look forward meeting you soon.



Membership is free and can be done at any time with one of the hotels of the network or by completing the form below. .


The card must be presented at the time of your arrival.


Points will be added for each stay.


Card will be returned to you at your departure.


The LOYALTY PROGRAM applies only to holders of the membership card.


Travel agents, participants in the motor-coach tours and companies benefiting from special

rates are not eligible.

The use of free is limited to a maximum of 2 consecutive nights per stay, depending on the availability of the host hotel. The customer must specify its intention to use his or her free when booking. The reservation must be made by telephone.

However, the customer who will benefited from a reductionin princing by makinf his reservation through a third party, cannot benefit from our loysalty program andits points to his record.


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